Class Descriptions

Trailer Loading:  This class will allow exhibitor and horse to demonstrate relationship between horse and handler and showcase ease of loading, as an important part of training.  Trailer will be out of view of the main arena.

Rail Class (Rider Exhibitor): In this class the judges will call for specific gaits. Both the horse and rider will be judged on such key points as style, softness, cadence and overall trust with each other.

Trail/Obstacle (Rider Exhibitor): This class will be judged on performing a variety of obstacles. The rider and equine will need the skills and confidence to get thru the trail course.

Freestyle (Rider Exhibitor): The last class will consist of the exhibitor and equine performing their own patterns. We encourage the exhibitors to use music to help showcase this class. This class will offer excitement and once again a true relationship with horse and exhibitor. (4 minute time limit).

Competition rules & details are subject to change at the discretion of the

Event management.


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