Rescue Horse Application

Please complete this application and review below videos.  The Wisconsin Horse Alliance Horse Selection Committee will approve horses based on the following:

​​​1. Sane, Safe, Sound.

​​​2. 3-16 years old. Horses older than 17 years old will be accepted with Veterinarian approval,  and all horses will need to be cleared by a Veterinarian within 6 months of the Trainers Challenge for health and soundness to compete. Guidelines of the exam will be provided to the Rescues.

​​​3. No Stallions

​​​4. Must be large pony or horse size

​​​5. No advanced training, must be in need of training

​​​6. Cannot be dangerous

​​​7. Must be leadable

​​​8. Must be up-to-date on vaccinations, deworming, teeth float, ​​​​farrier care, coggins, health cert (if coming from out of state)

9. Rescues are to submit a video of each horse they wish to enter that demonstrates the horse can be haltered and led safely as well as demonstrating lunging or free lunging in each direction at walk, trot, and canter to demonstrate the horse moves freely with no issues.