What are the Rescues Saying About the Trainer’s Challenge?

Trigger“I cannot think of anything better than a competitive event where everyone wins! A Trainer’s Challenge not only helps showcase the amazing talent of trainer’s who are out there, but it also showcases the amazing horses that are available through adoption in horse rescues throughout the state. Many people may not give a “rescue” horse a second look, and a Trainer’s Challenge is a great way to show people that just because a horse winds up in a transition in their life, they are no less wonderful of a horse than any horse out there. A Trainer’s Challenge helps rescues tremendously by helping the horses become more adoptable by a wider range of people because of the additional training they receive, and showing people how talented and versatile the horses in rescue really are. The Trainer’s Challenge will have a major positive impact for all of the horses, rescues and trainers involved. What an amazing event to get behind and support to help so many horses, people and rescue!” – Karen Bayerl Co-Director, Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc.



Trainers Challenge Coming in September!

Save the Date!  Wisconsin Horse Alliance is proud to host its 1st Annual “Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge”.  This exciting event will feature up to 20 horses (of all ages and breeds) from equine rescues across the state of Wisconsin, and 20 trainers who have been invited and hand-selected for this unique opportunity.  Each trainer and their horse will have 90 days to train and prepare for the final competition, which will consist of classes in-hand, walk/trot/canter under saddle, trail, and freestyle.

Wisconsin Horse Alliance is excited to raise awareness about equine adoption and to showcase the versatility and talent of rescued equines.  Trainers who have been approved for the competition will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills while greatly enhancing the adoptability of their equine partner.  Trainers will compete for cash prizes with the overall score ranking them 1st-5th place.  Our goal is also to shed light on the Wisconsin Equine Rescues working tirelessly to help better the lives of horses and care for those in need.  All horses in the competition will be available to the public for adoption at the end of the competition.  Potential adopters with a pre-approved adoption application may bid on the horses available for adoption, with the highest bid winning.