The Second Annual Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge will be at the Alliant Energy Center!

The Wisconsin Horse Alliance proudly presents the 2nd Annual Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge, sponsored by Triple Crown Feed.

The event will feature up to 20 horses and 20 trainers that have been working together on trail riding, in-hand work, and free style horsemanship techniques for approximately 90 days. The 20 horses, their trainers and their sponsoring rescues will receive promotional support and adoption support during the event. In 2018, ten horses were entered into the Challenge and eleven horses wound up finding wonderful homes as a direct result of the Challenge.

Dates to Remember:

Trainer’s applications: Due by May 1, 2019. Apply here

Selection of horses to be entered by rescues: Submitted by June 1, 2019.

Pickup of horses by the trainers from the rescues: July 19-21, 2019.

Sneak Preview Event: September 21, 2019 for pre-approved adopters

Challenge Event: October 19, 2019, Alliant Energy Center

Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. is sponsoring all of the horses entered into the competition and this will include a nutritional consultation and feeding program for every horse, which includes providing the feed for each horse for the full duration of the Challenge.

There is a committee set up through the Wisconsin Horse Alliance (WHA) for choosing trainers to participate in the Challenge. The trainers go through an application process with references provided. There is also a committee set up through the WHA for pairing trainers with the rescue horses, evaluating the trainer’s abilities with what each horse needs and the type of trainer each horse will need.

Through the Challenge, there are specific members of the WHA who have developed a relationship with and will stay in close contact with the rescues as well as the trainers, and the rescues are also put in contact with the trainers that have their horses.

Rescues will need to submit an application for the horses that they would like to enter into the Challenge along with a video of each of the horses they would like to participate. The WHA will be providing a sample video of what is expected of each horse to be entered into the Challenge.

The WHA has drafted a universal adoption application for potential adopters to fill out who may be interested in adopting any of the horses participating in the Challenge. The adopters will also need to be aware of and sign the contract provided for each rescue and follow the individual rescue’s adoption contracts as well.

Potential adopters will be following the horses along their journey through social media and will be encouraged to attend the Preview Event as well. During last year’s Challenge, the potential adopters contacted and talked to the rescues throughout the Challenge regarding the horses they were interested in. There will be time at the Challenge for all potential adopters to meet the participating rescues, the horses and the trainers. The participating rescues each have a table at the event and each one of their horses in the event has a “silent adoption” sheet, where potential adopters will bid on horses they would like to adopt. The adoption fee starts at $750.00.


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